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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Lisa Gerrard
Lisa Gerrard【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 83 首歌 】
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The Silver Tree 英文
1.In Exile (提供)
2.Shadow Hunter (提供)
3.Come Tenderness
4.The Sea Whisperer (提供)
5.Mirror Medusa (提供)
6.Space Weaver
8.Serenity (提供)
9.Towards the Tower (提供)
10.Wandering Star (提供)
11.Sword of the Samurai (提供)
12.Devotion (提供)
13.The Valley of the Moon (提供)
Oranges and Sunshine (Music from the Motion Picture) 英文
1.Margaret Arrives (提供)
2.Please Don't Take Her (提供)
3.A Haunting Photo (提供)
4.Could Be Just Coincidence (提供)
5.We Can Trace Her Journey (提供)
6.Off to Melbourne (提供)
7.An Emptiness in Me (提供)
8.It's Been in the Papers (提供)
9.A Proper Christmas Dinner (提供)
10.Christmas Is Cancelled (提供)
11.Jack Arrives (提供)
12.What Was She Like? (提供)
13.Cleaning Out the Rubbish At Bindoon (提供)
14.The Monster Living in Your Head (提供)
15.In Loving Memory (提供)
16.They Just Want to Know (提供)
17.Have That Or My Loyalty (提供)
18.I'll Rip You Apart (提供)
19.You Needed Me Here (提供)
20.I Can't Breathe (提供)
21.Together Mother & Daughter (提供)
22.Journey to Bindoon (提供)
23.Who Was Crucified? (提供)
24.Have I Frightened You? (提供)
25.Let the Rest Go (提供)
Insight (Music from the Motion Picture) 英文
1.Charge 360 (提供)
2.She Spoke To Me (提供)
3.No Witnesses (提供)
4.Something Is Troubling You (提供)
5.You Look Just Like Her (提供)
6.Apartment #32 (提供)
7.The Short Time Upon This Earth (提供)
8.Who Are You? (提供)
9.Our Memories (提供)
10.I Was Here & You Were Gone (提供)
11.Try To Remember (提供)
12.We Shouldn't Do This (提供)
13.Nothing Is Going to Happen to You (提供)
14.Do You Still Talk to Her? (提供)
15.Det. Rafferty 'Blues' (提供)
16.It's Been A Long Time (提供)
17.She's Not There (提供)
18.What Did You Do? (提供)
19.Where the Hell Is She? (提供)
20.There Is Nothing You Can Do (提供)
21.Insight (提供)
Come Quietly 英文
1.Come Quietly (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
2.Balaarat (Meeting Place) (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
3.Tribes Unrealized (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
4.Unity (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
5.Whisper (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
6.Circular (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
7.Surrender to Silence (feat. Klaus Schulze) (提供)
The Black Opal 英文
1.Red Horizon (提供)
2.The Messenger (提供)
3.Tell It From The Mountain (提供)
4.In Search Of Lost Innocence (提供)
5.The Crossing (提供)
6.Redemption (提供)
7.The Serpent & The Dove
8.Black Forest
9.All Along The Watchtower
10.Solace (提供)
11.The Maharaja
暫存 英文
1.The Human Game
3.Now We Are Free (Gladiator Theme)

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