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Johnny Thunders( 強尼通德斯 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 110 首歌 】
John Anthony Genzale(1952年7月15日 - 1991年4月23日),更名為約翰尼·雷德斯,是一個美國搖滾/朋克搖滾吉他手,歌手和詞曲作者。 他在二十世紀七十年代初成為紐約娃娃的一員。 後來他與The Heartbreakers一起演出,並作為獨奏藝術家。
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I Think I Got This Covered 英文
1.I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (提供)
2.Eve of Destruction
3.As Tears Go By
4.In the Midnight Hour (提供)
5.Green Onions (提供)
6.Play With Fire (提供)
7.Ain't Supersticious (提供)
8.Wipe Out (提供)
9.Gloria (提供)
10.Hang on Sloopy (提供)
11.Louie Louie (提供)
12.Little Queenie
13.I Can Tell (提供)
14.Hit the Road Jack (提供)
15.I'd Rather Be With the Boys
Hurt Me 英文
1.I'm A Boy I'm A Girl
In Cold Blood 英文
1.Diary of a Lover (Remastered)
2.You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory (Live At Marquee June 1982)
3.Chinese Rocks (Live At Marquee June 1982)
4.Great Big Kiss (Live At Marquee June 1982)
5.Just Another Girl (Live At Marquee June 1982)
6.Sad Vacation (Live At Marquee June 1982)
7.I Love You (Live At Marquee June 1982)
8.Too Much Junkie Business (Live At Marquee June 1982)
9.In Cold Blood (Live At Marquee June 1982)
10.Some Hearts (Remastered)
11.Hurt Me (Remastered)
12.Ask Me No Questions (Remastered)
13.Just Another Girl, Pt. 2 (Remastered)
14.London Boys (Live At Marquee June 1982)
So Alone 英文
1.Pipeline (提供)
2.You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
3.Great Big Kiss
5.So Alone
6.The Wizard (提供)
7.Ask Me No Questions
8.Leave Me Alone
9.Daddy Rollin' Stone
10.London Boys
11.She's So Untouchable
12.Subway Train
13.Downtown (提供)
14.Dead Or Alive
You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory 英文
1.Do You Love Me (Live)
2.All By Myself (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994) (提供)
3.Let Go (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994)
4.I Wanna Be Loved (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994)
5.Get Off the Phone (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994) (提供)
6.I Love You (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994)
7.Born to Lose (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994)
8.Joey Joey (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
9.As Tears Go By (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
10.Disappointed In You (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
11.Sad Vacation (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
12.You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
13.Eve of Destruction (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
14.It's Not Enough (from 'Live & Wasted - Unplugged' LP, 1990)
15.Chinese Rocks (from 'DTK Live At The Speakeasy' LP, 1994)
16.So Alone (from 'Live At The Lyceum' LP, 1990)
17.In Cold Blood (from 'Live At The Lyceum' LP, 1990)
18.Baby Talk (Live)
19.Personality Crisis (from 'Live At The Lyceum' LP, 1990)
20.One Track Mind (from 'Live At The Lyceum' LP, 1990)
21.Too Much Junkie Business (from 'Live At The Lyceum' LP, 1990)
22.Eve of Destruction
The New Too Much Junkie Business 英文
1.Sad Vacation (Live)
2.Get Off the Phone (Live) (提供)
3.Too Much Junkie Business (Live)
4.So Alone (Live)
5.I Love You (Live)
6.Great Big Kiss (Live)
7.Let Go (Live)
The Best of Johnny Thunders: Born Too Loose 英文
1.Chinese Rocks (Live Speakeasy 77)
2.Get Off the Phone (Live Speakeasy 77) (提供)
3.All By Myself (Live Speakeasy 77) (提供)
4.I Love You (Live Speakeasy 77)
5.I Wanna Be Loved (Live Speakeasy 77)
6.Little Bit of Whore (Live Italy 86)
Hurt Me (Bonus) [Live at Dingwalls] 英文
1.Hurt Me - Live
2.Ask Me No Questions - Live
3.Lonely Planet Boy - She's so Untouchable - Live
4.Subway Train - Live
5.Go Back to Go - Live
6.Eve of Destruction (Live)
7.Eve of Destruction
暫存 英文
1.Pirate Love
2.Personality Crisis
3.I Love You
4.Born to Lose
5.Baby Talk
6.It's Not Enough
7.Chinese Rocks
8.Sad Vacation
9.So Alone (Live?)
10.I Wanna Be Loved
11.Too Much Junkie Business
12.Blame It on Mom - Live in Switzerland '85
13.You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory (Re-Recorded)
14.Can't Seem to Make You Mine
15.I Was Born to Cry
16.You Can't Put Your Arms Round a Memory
17.Can't Keep My Eyes On You (L.A.M.F. - The lost '77 mixes)
18.I Wanna Be Loved (live Paris '77)
19.One Track Mind
20.All By Myself
21.Endless Party
22.Little Bit Of Whore
23.Blame It On Mom (Live)
24.I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (Live)

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