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Immortal Technique【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 101 首歌 】
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The Martyr 英文
1.Burn This
2.The Martyr
3.Angels & Demons
4.Rich Man's World (1%)
5.Toast To The Dead
6.Eyes In The Sky
8.Natural Beauty
9.Running Nowhere (Interlude) (提供)
10.Mark Of The Beast
11.Black Vikings
12.Conquerors (提供)
13.Young Lords
14.Ultimas Palabras
15.Sign Of The Times
Revolutionary Vol. 2 英文
1.The Point Of No Return
2.Peruvian Cocaine
3.Harlem Streets
5.The Message And The Money
6.Industrial Revolution
7.Crossing The Boundary
8.Sierra Maestra (提供)
9.The 4th Branch
10.Internally Bleeding
11.Leaving The Past
12.Truth's Razors
13.You Never Know
14.Revolutionary Intro (提供)
15.Homeland And Hip Hop (提供)
16.The Cause Of Death
17.Freedom Of Speech
Revolutionary Vol. 1 英文
1.Top Of The Food Chain
2.The Poverty Of Philosophy
4.The Prophecy
5.Understand Why
6.No Mercy
7.The Illest
8.Speak Your Mind
9.Caught In A Hustle
10.Positive Balance
11.The Getaway
12.No Me Importa
13.Creation & Destruction
14.Dominant Species
15.Beef & Broccoli
16.Dance With The Devil
The Silenced Revolution 英文
1.Belly of the Beast
2.Black Out Special
3.Caught in a Hustle
4.Underground Railroad Freestyle
5.The Rebel
6.In the Club Freestyle
The Point of No Return / Internally Bleeding / Caught in a Hustle 英文
1.The Point of No Return (clean)
2.Internally Bleeding (clean)
3.Caught in a Hustle (Dirty as F*ck version)
The 3rd World 英文
1.Death March
2.That's What It Is
3.Golpe De Estado
4.Harlem Renaissance
5.Lick Shots
6.Interlude (提供)
7.The 3rd World
8.Hollywood Driveby
10.Reverse Pimpology
11.Open Your Eyes
12.The Payback (Feat. Diabolic, Ras Kass)
13.Adios Uncle Tom
14.Stronghold Grip
16.Out On Parole
17.Crimes Of The Heart
Portable Immortal 英文
1.Crossing the Border
2.Fuck Up for Life
3.The Other White Meat
4.Angel of Death
5.Beast of the Beast
6.Fight Until the End
7.The Land of the Gun
8.Audio Technician
9.Lion Dens Freestyle
Black Cargo 英文
1.Land of the Gun
2.Never Know Why
3.Change Gone Come
5.Bin Laden (intro)
暫存 英文
1.Caught In The Hustle
2.Voices Of The Voiceless
3.Rich Man's World
4.The 3rd World (Album Version)
5.Reverse Pimpology (Album Version)
6.The War vs. Us All
7.Military Minds
8.Harlem Streets (remix)
9.Spend Some Time (remix)
10.Beef and Broccoli
12.Parole (Evil Genius Remix) [feat. DJ Green Lantern]

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