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Elf Power【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 157 首歌 】
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Sunlight on the Moon 英文
1.Transparent Lines (提供)
2.A Grey Cloth Covering My Face (提供)
3.Lift the Shell (提供)
4.Sunlight on the Moon (提供)
5.Grotesquely Born Anew (提供)
6.Things Lost (提供)
7.Darkest Wave (提供)
8.You're Never Gonna Go to Heaven
9.Strange Designs (提供)
10.Manifestations (提供)
11.Total Annihilation (提供)
12.Chromosome Blues (提供)
13.A Slow Change (提供)
Elf Power 英文
1.Taking Under
2.Wander Through (提供)
3.Stranger In The Window
4.Like A Cannonball (提供)
5.Boots Of Lead (提供)
6.Spidereggs (提供)
7.Ghost Of John (提供)
8.Concrete And The Walls (提供)
9.Goldmine In The Sun (提供)
10.Tiny Insects (提供)
11.Little Black Holes (提供)
12.Little Hand
In A Cave 英文
1.Owl Cut (White Flowers In The Sky)
2.A Tired Army
4.New Lord
5.Softly Through The Void
6.Window To Mars
7.The New Mythology
8.Fried Out
9.The Demon's Daughter
10.Quiver And Quake
11.Heads Of Dust, Hearts Of Lust
12.Midnight Crawls Out
13.Spiral Stairs
Winter Is Coming 英文
1.Embrace The Crimson Tide
3.Great Society
4.Wings Of Light (提供)
5.Sun Is Forever
6.People Underneath (提供)
7.Green Sea Days (提供)
8.Naughty Villain
9.Leopard's Teeth (提供)
10.Birds In The Backyard (提供)
11.100,000 Telescopes
12.Albatross (提供)
Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs 英文
1.Pioneer Mansion (提供)
2.All Your Experiments
3.Finally Free
4.Drug Store
5.Loverboy's Demise (提供)
6.Slither Hither (提供)
7.When The Serpents Approach (提供)
8.Surgery (提供)
9.Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs (提供)
10.Arachnid Dungeon Attack (提供)
11.Grand Intrusion Call
12.Monster Surprise (提供)
13.Heroes And Insects (提供)
14.Winter Hawk
15.Exalted Exit Wound (提供)
Back To The Web 英文
1.Old Familiar Scene2.Spider And The Fly
Walking With The Beggar Boys 英文
1.Drawing Flies
3.Hole In My Shoe (提供)
5.Evil Eye (提供)
6.Don't Let It Be (提供)
7.Invisible Men (提供)
8.Big Thing (提供)
Nothing's Going To Happen 英文
1.Nothing's Going To Happen
2.Why Can't I Touch It
3.Shadows In Vain
4.Weird On The Avenue
5.Pay To Cum
6.Hybrid Moments
7.Never Talking To You Again
8.I Walked With The Zombie
9.Unforced Peace (提供)
10.I Love The Living You (提供)
11.Hot Love
12.Cotton Crown
13.You Make Me Die
14.Felt Good To Burn
15.Listening To The Higson's
Creatures 英文
2.Modern Mind
4.Unseen Hand
5.Creature, Pt. 2
When The Red King Comes 英文
1.Into The Everlasting Time
2.Frightened Singers
3.Secret Ocean
4.Aarow Flies Close
5.Icy Hands Will Never Melt Away
6.When The Red King Comes
7.Separating Fault
9.Introducing Cosmic Space
10.Bengal Parade
11.Needles In The Camel's Eye
12.....Silver Lake (提供)
13.It's Been A Million Years
Dream In Sound 英文
1.Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home
2.High Atop The Silver Branches
3.Old Tyme Waves
4.We Dream In Sound
5.Carnival (提供)
6.Noble Experiment
7.Simon (The Bird With The Candy Bar Head)
8.Rasing And Falling In A Little World (提供)
9.O What A Beautiful Dream
暫存 英文
1.The Modern Mind
2.Oh What A Wonderful Dream
3.Upside Down
4.Rolling Black Water
5.Three Seeds
6.Everlasting Scream
7.Willowy Man
8.Come Lie Down With Me (And Sing My Song)
10.All The Passengers
11.The Spider And The Fly
12.The Creature
13.The Cracks
14.The Great Society
15.Step Through The Portal
16.Winter Is Coming
17.Circular Malevolence
18.Under The Northern Sky
19.The Creature Part II
20.Temporary Arm
21.Palace Of The Flames
22.All The World Is Waiting
23.The Unseen Hand
24.23rd Dream
26.Empty Pictures
27.Never Believe
28.Visions Of The Sea
29.Back To The Web
30.An Old Familiar Scene
31.Walking With The Beggar Boys
32.King Of Earth
33.Things That Should Not Be
34.Let The Serpent Sleep
35.The Arrow Flies Close
36.Somewhere Down The River
37.Peel Back The Moon, Beware!
38.I Wanna Be Your Dog
39.Sniper in the Balcony
40.Needles in the Camel's Eyes

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