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Cleaners From Venus【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
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The Cleaners From Venus Vol. 3 英文
1.Victoria Grey (提供)
2.Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me (提供)
3.Clara Bow (提供)
4.Follow The Plough (提供)
5.Stay On (提供)
6.What's Going On (In Your Heart) (提供)
7.The Mercury Girl (提供)
8.Armistice Day (提供)
9.Pearl (提供)
10.The Jangling Man (提供)
11.No Go (For Louis Macneice) (提供)
12.Mariette (提供)
13.A Man For Our Time (提供)
14.Here She Crashes (提供)
15.A Street Called Prospect (提供)
16.Minesweeping Memory Lane (提供)
17.Germayne (Like A Cathedral) (提供)
18.Boy From The Home Counties (提供)
19.The Tear Collector (提供)
20.Christmas In Suburbia (提供)
21.Stay Lit (提供)
22.Gulf War Song (提供)
23.Smash Yore Watch (提供)
24.You Should Have Called (提供)
25.Arcadian Boys (提供)
26.Crane Driver (提供)
27.She Rings The Changes (提供)
28.Before The Hurricane (提供)
29.When My Ship Comes In (提供)
30.Incident In A Greatcoat (提供)
31.Haunt Your House (提供)
32.It Could Have Been Cheryl (提供)
33.The Iceberg And Unicorn (提供)
34.The World Strikes One (提供)
35.The Princes Of Suburbia (提供)
36.Rusty Iron Sun (提供)
37.Gatecrashing Oyster Park (提供)
38.Finding My Own Way Home (提供)
39.Red Guitars And Silver Tambourines (提供)
40.Everytime I Go Up (提供)
41.The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer (提供)
42.We'll Build A House (提供)
Return to Bohemia 英文
1.Cling To Me (提供)
2.He's Goin' Out With Marilyn (提供)
3.The Days of May (提供)
4.The Royal Bank Of Love (提供)
5.Mrs Gale and Her New Lover (提供)
6.A European Girl (提供)
7.Welcome To Bohemia (提供)
8.Time We Talked Again (提供)
9.The King of the Sixties (提供)
10.Imaginary Seas (提供)
11.The Band Plays Delilah (提供)
12.I Wanna Stay In (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Only A Shadow
2.Corridor of Dreams
3.Amateur Paranoiac
4.Sandstorm in Paradise

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