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Club des Belugas【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Fishing for Zebras 英文
1.Never Think Twice (提供)
2.Let's Go (提供)
3.Weapon of Voice (提供)
4.Path of Nothing (提供)
5.Home Alone (提供)
6.Welcome to Brazil [Papa Cobana Hiphop Soccer Remix] (提供)
7.Iko Iko (提供)
8.The Lady Was to Blame (提供)
9.The Secret [Club des Belugas Remix] (提供)
10.Just Me and My Dog (提供)
11.Braves at Home (提供)
12.Hug Somebody But You (提供)
13.Please Don't Tease (提供)
14.Bittersweet (提供)
The ChinChin Sessions 英文
1.Small Steps (提供)
2.This Little Life of Mine (Feat. Veronika Harcsa) (提供)
3.Anticipation (提供)
4.One Hand Clapping (Feat. Veronika Harcsa) (提供)
5.Whistle Blowing (提供)
6.Trip to Saint-Tropez (提供)
7.Pain Is Temporary [Swing Mix] (Feat. Ferank Manseed) (提供)
8.Affair in Cascais (提供)
9.Not Just Friends (Feat. Veronika Harcsa) (提供)
10.Eljala (提供)
11.Get Shafted (提供)
Zoo Zizaro 英文
1.It's a Beautiful Day (Live) [Bonus Track]
2.Wild Is My Love
3.Clyde Beluga
4.Floating On Air
5.Back To My Room
Swop 英文
1.What Is Jazz
2.It Don't Mean a Thing
3.It's a Beautiful Day
5.Some Like It Hot
6.Wearing Out My Shoes
7.Take Three
8.The Road Is Lonesome
9.What Is Jazz (Tape Five remix)
Live 英文
1.It's A Beautiful Day - Live
2.The Road Is Lonesome - Live
3.Take Three - Live
4.Floating On Air - Live
5.Hip Hip Chin Chin - Live
Forward 英文
1.Save a Little Love for Me
2.Straight to Memphis
3.Desperately Trying (Swing Mix)
4.Close Your Eyes
5.Sweet Lovin'
6.Glorious Beach Livin'
暫存 英文
1.Hip Hip Chin Chin
2.Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano
3.Separation Serenade
4.Hiphip Chinchin (Smooth Return mix)
5.She Said No (feat. Brenda Boykin)
6.Skip to the Bip
7.Let Love Lead the Way
9.Hip Hip Chin Chin (New Edit)
10.Zoo Zizaro
11.It's A Beautiful Day (feat. Anna Luca)

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