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Cunninlynguists【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 209 首歌 】
CunninLynguists是來自美國肯塔基州列剋星敦市和佐治亞州亞特蘭大的美國嘻哈三重奏組。 該小組目前由Deacon the Villain,Kno和Natti組成。 該集團已經發行了大量唱片,包括多首混音帶和錄音室專輯,所有這些唱片都受到了他們的分層製作和深沉抒情的廣泛好評。

CunninLynguists已經在包括The Source,URB,Spin,XLR8R,Import Tuner和The Onion在內的多家媒體報導。
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The Rose EP 英文
1.Red, White & Blues feat. Jason Coffey
3.Red Bird
4.City Song - 2004 - Remaster (提供)
5.Lady Eleanor - 2009 - Remaster (提供)
6.Lady Eleanor (Remastered) (提供)
7.City Song (Remastered) (提供)
8.City Song (提供)
9.Lady Eleanor (提供)
Strange Journey Volume Three 英文
1.Mission Assessment (提供)
2.Urutora Kaiju f. Tonedeff
4.Strange Universe f. Del The Funky Homosapien
5.In The City f. Zumbi of Zion I
6.South California f. Tunji
7.Drunk Dial f. Murs & Grieves
8.The Morning f. Blu & Psalm One
9.Innerspace f. Toby
10.Miley 3000
11.Guide You Through Shadows f. Substantial & RA Scion
12.Castles f. Aesop Rock & Sadistik
13.Kings f. Sheisty Khrist
14.Hot f. Celph Titled & Apathy
15.The Format f. Masta Ace & Mr. SOS
16.Dying Breed
17.Makes You Wanna Cry f. Sheisty Khrist
18.Beyond The Sun f. J-Live
Strange Journey Volume One 英文
1.Departure (提供)
2.Nothing But Strangeness
5.Spark My Soul (提供)
6.Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
8.Dance For Me (Remix)
9.Die For You
10.White Guy Mind Tricks (提供)
11.Georgia (Remix)
12.K.K.K.Y. (Remix)
13.Don't Leave (When Winter Comes)
14.The Distance
15.Broken Van (Thinking Of You)
16.Billy Joe's Garage (To Be Continued) (提供)
Dirty Acres 英文
2.Valley Of Death
3.Dirty Acres
4.Kentucky (提供)
7.Yellow Lines
8.The Park
9.Summer’s Gone
10.They Call Me (提供)
12.Dance For Me
14.Things I Dream
Will Rap For Food 英文
1.Mic Like a Memory2.Missing Children
The WinterFire EP 英文
1.Fire in Her Eyes
2.Only the Past
3.100 Years
4.Gas Station Attendant
5.Too Many Winters
Strange Journey Volume Two [Deluxe Edition] 英文
1.Close Your Eyes (f. Grieves, Geologic & Macklemore) [Deluxe Edition]
2.Nothing To Give (Live) (f. Club Dub) [Deluxe Edition]
3.Heart [Deluxe Edition]
4.To Be for Real [Deluxe Edition]
5.The Park (Blue Sky Black Death Remix) [Deluxe Edition]
6.Cocaine [Deluxe Edition]
Strange Journey Vol. 2 英文
Southernunderground 英文
Southernunderground [Deluxe Edition] 英文
1.The South [Deluxe Edition]
2.Dying Nation (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
3.Sunrise Sunset (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
4.Nasty Filthy (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
5.Old School (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
6.War [Deluxe Edition]
7.Dying Nation [Deluxe Edition]
8.Appreciation Remix (f. Cashmere the Pro) [Deluxe Edition]
9.Seasons (f. Masta Ace) [Deluxe Edition]
10.Doin Alright [Deluxe Edition]
11.Rain [Deluxe Edition]
12.Love Ain't (f. Tonedeff) [Deluxe Edition]
13.Karma [Deluxe Edition]
Present Kno: Death Is Silent 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Outerspace Flow (提供)
3.Stick 'Em Up (提供)
4.S.O.D. Pops (提供)
5.I Fucked Your Bitch (提供)
6.Download Remix (提供)
7.Wetter (提供)
8.Stomp (提供)
9.Work On Deck (提供)
10.Where You Get That At (提供)
11.Jay-Z Speaks (提供)
12.Pain Job Remix (提供)
13.I Put That On Everythang (提供)
14.LOL (提供)
15.Any Chick I Want (提供)
16.It's My Birthday (提供)
17.Swag Flu (提供)
18.Drake Speaks (提供)
19.My Job (提供)
20.I'm All That (提供)
21.I'm Paid (提供)
22.Soulja Boy Speaks On Mojo (提供)
23.I Got Mojo (提供)
Oneirology 英文
1.Predormitum (Prologue)
2.Darkness (Dream On)
4.Hard As They Come (Act I)
5.Murder (Act II)
6.My Habit (I Haven't Changed)
7.Get Ignorant
8.Shattered Dreams
9.Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night)
10.So As Not To Wake You (Interlude) (提供)
11.Enemies With Benefits
12.Looking Back
13.Dreams (提供)
14.Hypnopomp (Epilogue) (提供)
Dirty Acres [Deluxe Edition] 英文
1.Never (f. Big Rube) [Deluxe Edition]
2.Things I Dream (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
3.Georgia (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
4.Dance for Me (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
5.Wonderful (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
6.Mexico (f. Club Dub) [Deluxe Edition]
7.Gun (f. Sheisty Khrist) [Deluxe Edition]
8.Summer's Gone [Deluxe Edition]
9.Yellow Lines (f. Phonte & Witchdoctor) [Deluxe Edition]
10.K.K.K.Y. [Deluxe Edition]
11.Dirty Acres [Deluxe Edition]
12.Valley of Death [Deluxe Edition]
A Piece of Strange 英文
1.Where Will You Be?
2.The Light
3.Remember Me (Abstract / Reality)
5.Damnation (Interlude)
6.The Gates
7.Never Know Why
8.America Loves Gangsters
9.Brain Cell
10.Beautiful Girl
12.Caved In
13.Nothing To Give
14.Since When
A Piece of Strange Live In NYC 2009 英文
1.Where Will You Be? (Live)
2.What'll You Do? (Live)
3.Remember Me (Abstract / Reality) (Live)
4.Hellfire (Live)
5.Never Know Why (Live)
6.America Loves Gangsters (Live)
7.Brain Cell (Live)
8.Beautiful Girl (Live)
9.Hourglass (Live)
10.Caved In (Live)
11.Nothing To Give (Live)
12.Since When (Live)
13.The Light (Live)
Will Rap for Food Instrumentals 英文
1.So Live!
2.Ain't No Way
3.Thugged Out Since Cubscouts
5.Family Ties
7.Takin the Loss
8.616 Rewind
Strange Journey, Volume Two 英文
2.To Be for Real
3.The Park (Fresh Air) (Blue Sky Black Death remix)
暫存 英文
1.Play Hard
2.Lynguistics [Deluxe Edition]
3.Lynguistics (Instrumental) [Deluxe Edition]
4.Dreams (instrumental)
5.Brain Cell (Notion remix)
6.What'll You Do?
7.The Light (Amplifya remix)
8.The Gates (Blue remix)
9.America Loves Gangsters (Slopfunkdust remix)
10.K.K.K.Y. (instrumental)
11.Summer's Gone
12.Seasons (remix)
14.Dying Nation
16.Falling Down
17.Old School
18.Doin Alright
19.The South
22.The South (remix)
23.Lynguistics (live in Stockholm)
24.Will Rap for Food
26.Sunrise / Sunset (radio)
27.Urutora Kaiju (feat. Tonedeff)
28.Urutora Kaiju
29.The Distance (feat. Tonedeff)
30.Love Ain't
31.Love Ain't (remix)
32.Nothing to Give (Live) (Deluxe Edition)
33.Any Way the Wind Blows
34.Violet (The Upper Room)

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