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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Bobby Susser
Bobby Susser【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 138 首歌 】
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Wo! (Bobby Susser Songs for Children) 英文
1.Today Is Your Birthday (提供)
2.Let's Dance And Dance Forever (提供)
3.I'm Ready To Rock N' Roll (提供)
4.The Music Gets Us Going (提供)
5.On A Train Ride (提供)
6.You Ought To Have Fun (提供)
7.Good Night (提供)
8.Any Time Of Day (提供)
9.The Wo Wo Song (提供)
10.Smiling Face (提供)
11.Oooh Good Morning (提供)
12.A Party Today (提供)
America: An Album For All Ages (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.The Rest Song (Feat: Paula Atherton) (提供)
2.America (提供)
3.Dear Mr. President (Feat: Mike Green) (提供)
4.Lucky Little Man (Living In Louisiana) (提供)
5.We Can Make It Together (提供)
6.Happy Feeling (提供)
7.Building Bridges Today (Feat: Paula Atherton) (提供)
8.Hope Is In the Air (提供)
9.It's the Flag Along the Way (2009 Version) (提供)
10.Fill the World With Songs (Feat: Ben E. King) (提供)
11.Dancing In the USA (提供)
12.Brighter Days (提供)
All Roads Lead To Home (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.70 (Bringin' It Home To You) (提供)
2.All Roads Lead To Home (Reprise) (提供)
3.We're Never Far From Home (提供)
4.All Roads Lead To Home (提供)
5.My Room (It's A Wonderful Feeling) (提供)
6.Little Brother, Little Sister (提供)
7.All You Need Is Your Family (提供)
8.Grandma's Eyes (提供)
9.Growing Up With A Song (提供)
10.Just Because We're Small (提供)
11.I'll Always Remember (提供)
My Day/In Motion And Play (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Good Morning...Good Morning! (提供)
2.I Can't Make Up My Mind (提供)
3.Use Your Imagination (提供)
4.What Do You Think You'd Want To Be? (提供)
5.A World Made For Me And You (提供)
6.I Don't Want To Go To Sleep (提供)
7.Lullaby (提供)
8.Don't Forget To Exercise (提供)
9.We Better Hurry Up! (提供)
10.We Have To Eat (提供)
11.Go To School (提供)
12.On Our Way Back Home (提供)
13.A Daisy (提供)
Early Learning Sing-Along (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.I'm Happy (提供)
2.You'll Never Know How Much Fun It Is (提供)
3.It's A Kid's World (提供)
4.In The Chicken, In The Kitchen (提供)
5.Hug Somebody Today (提供)
6.Your Best Friends (提供)
7.We Are Like One (提供)
8.Together, Together! (提供)
9.It's Raining, It's Pouring, and I'm Wet (提供)
10.The Seeds In The Spring Are Going To Grow (With A Little Help) (提供)
11.Grandpa Knows So Many Things (提供)
12.I Feel So Good When I'm Singing (提供)
13.I Am A Song (Sing Me) (提供)
Respect And Confidence (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Respect And Confidence (提供)
2.When I Really Know (提供)
3.When I Try Try Try (提供)
4.My Shoelaces (提供)
5.I Like To Be Me (提供)
6.Don't Treat Me Like A Baby (提供)
7.Charlie Lika And Bobby (提供)
8.Mr. Richard (提供)
9.It's Such A Beautiful Day (提供)
10.Things That I Like (提供)
11.Respect And Confidence (Reprise) (提供)
I Need You And You Need Me (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Cuddles And Snuggles (提供)
2.It's The Flag Along The Way (提供)
3.We Deserve The Best (提供)
4.Is Everybody Ready? (提供)
5.Good Friends Forever (提供)
6.We'll Figure It Out (提供)
7.We Must Be Doing Something Right (提供)
8.Getting To Know Each Other (提供)
9.Everybody Needs Somebody (提供)
10.It's All Right (提供)
11.All Over The World (提供)
12.I Have The Right To Change My Mind (提供)
Wiggle Wiggle and Other Exercises (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Wiggle Wiggle (提供)
2.March Around In A Circle (提供)
3.Shake It And You'll Be Happy (提供)
4.Simple Exercise (提供)
5.Let's Pretend (提供)
6.Stretch Your Arms Way Out (提供)
7.The Jumping Exercise (提供)
8.We Exercise (提供)
9.Rest Awhile (提供)
I Have Songs In My Pocket (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Hello Hello Goodbye Goodbye (提供)
2.Sleepy Head (提供)
3.I Have Songs in My Pocket (提供)
4.Dee Dah Day (提供)
5.Music Is Like Magic (提供)
6.Bip Bam Boom (提供)
7.There Are Colors All Around (提供)
8.Fill the World With Songs (提供)
9.A Very Special Day (提供)
10.Sing a Song Each Day (提供)
11.Just Do It (提供)
Animals At The Zoo (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Matthew The Monkey (提供)
2.A Horse With Stripes (提供)
3.Alice The Giraffe (提供)
4.There's A Seal At The Zoo (提供)
5.The Birds Fly And Sing (提供)
6.A Parrot Can't Keep A Secret (提供)
7.A Joey (提供)
8.The Friendly King Of The Jungle (Hi There) (提供)
9.A Turtle Named Tommy (提供)
10.An Elephant Named Ed (提供)
11.Animals At The Zoo (Prelude) (提供)
12.A Trip To The Zoo (提供)
The Album For All Seasons (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.Cool, Cool, Cool (提供)
2.I Can Hear The Sleigh Bells Ringing (提供)
3.Springtime Is Here Again (提供)
4.Baseball, Baseball (提供)
5.You Can Feel The Spring (提供)
6.Hello Mr. Jack-O-Lantern (提供)
7.The Green Leaves (提供)
8.I Love My Coat (提供)
9.Snowflakes (提供)
10.In The Summertime (提供)
11.It's Too Hot For That (提供)
12.Fireflies (提供)
We Are Better Together (Bobby Susser Songs For Children) 英文
1.It's Nice To Be Nice (提供)
2.Dear Mr. President (提供)
3.Once We Help Each Other (提供)
4.We Are Better Together (提供)
5.We Could Understand (提供)
6.Oh What A Sight (提供)
7.When We're All Standing Together (提供)
8.We Ought To Be Each Other's Friend (Why Shouldn't We Be) (提供)
9.Trading Places (提供)
10.I Am Not So Different (When You Get To Know Me) (提供)

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