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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Able Tasmans
Able Tasmans【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 62 首歌 】
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The Shape Of Dolls 英文
1.Dog-Whelk (提供)
2.The Big Bang Theory (提供)
3.Mayfly May (提供)
4.The Shape Of Dolls (提供)
Store In A Cool Place 英文
1.That's Why (提供)
2.Giant (提供)
3.Simple (提供)
4.The Professional (提供)
5.My Name Is Peter Keen (提供)
6.GG 300 (提供)
7.The Wind Changed (提供)
8.Dog Whelk 2 (提供)
9.Grenthol's Face (提供)
10.Ladies And Gentlemen (提供)
11.Mary Tyler Moore (提供)
12.Home On The Range (提供)
13.The Klingon National Anthem (提供)
14.Parallax (提供)
Songs From The Departure Lounge 英文
1.Buffaloes (提供)
2.Michael's (提供)
3.Theory Of Continual Disappointment
4.Coming Up For Air (提供)
5.Shape Of Dolls (提供)
Somebody Ate My Planet 英文
1.Circular (提供)
2.Fault In The Frog (提供)
3.School Is No Good For You (提供)
4.Asian Aphrodisiac Solution (提供)
5.The Cliff (提供)
6.Weight Of Love (提供)
7.Sweet State (提供)
8.Napoleons Last Letter To France (提供)
9.A Conversation With Mark Byram (提供)
10.Big Fat (提供)
11.Not Fair (提供)
Hey Spinner 英文
2.Angry Martyr
3.Hold Me I
4.Michael Fay
5.Hold Me II (提供)
6.Wednesday (she's Coming Round)
8.The Theory Of Continual Disappointment
9.Grey Lynn
10.Hey, Spinner!
12.Snow White Chook (提供)
A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down 英文
1.Inside The Modern (提供)
2.What Was That Thing (提供)
3.Little Hearts (提供)
4.And Relax (提供)
6.I See Now Where
7.And We Swam The Magic Bay
8.Fa Fa Fa Fa
9.Sour Queen (提供)
10.New Sherriff (提供)
11.Virtues Asunder
12.Evil Barbeque (提供)
13.Buffaloes (Remix) (提供)
14.Caroline (提供)
15.Patrick's Mother (提供)
16.Rhyme For Orange (提供)

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