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Marianne Faithfull


Marianne Faithfull

What's the Hurry?

作詞:Joe Mavety

What's the worry, what's the hurry
Do you hear me, do you fear me?
You've got the message, you read the story
You want the power, you need the glory

Clocks break, time goes by
Hot sake along the fly
She laughs on a spin
He laughs, turns you in

What's the panic, where's the static
Do you see me, could you meet me?
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I heard the rumor, you've got my number
But now I see you run for cover

So you thought you had it made
Ain't it easy to be afraid?
Feel the pressure, take the bait
Here it comes again

Clock breaks, time goes by
Hot sake along the fly
She laughs on a spin
He laughs, turns you in


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