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作詞:Van Ness Wu, David Lucius King
作曲:Van Ness Wu, David Lucius King
編曲:Van Ness Wu, David Lucius King

You told me that you got me
But You know that you don't got me
Coz when all the clouds be around me
You be gone like Kamikaze
Ohh yea

we've been going back and forth
With the angels at the door
Now my head is on my shoulders
But my heart is on the floor

I just wanna disappear
rid me of all my fears
Carry me out of here
(out of here)

Help me shut up all this noise
I can't even hear my voice
Did we really have a choice
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(Have a choice)

Get this weight off my shoulders
All I want is some closure
Wish nothing but the best for ya
Get this weight off my shoulders

You got me under pressure
I'm just being honest
Why you got me under pressure
When you promised

No matter how I word it yea
I know that I'm not prefect
When shit rises to the surface
Will the truth, make you nervous

You throw me in the deep end
Just so you can pull me out
Suppose to be my best friend
So why you pulling me down