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Tizzy Bac


Tizzy Bac


作曲:Tizzy Bac

Suddenly I walked by a crowd of angels
See they whispering
Of how to get in order
For all the emergent peal
Hopefully there's no one come to
Search in broken tail
All my memory
But I learn to control anger
Compare to my sincerity

Tenderly I'm floating on the wind of history
To the fortune end
It's a kind of cureless patient
Strolling through the wave
Secretly I gather the dreams
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That you abandon
Into my kaleidocope
But why you're not willing to listen
Of what the counterpart says

Oh I can't play you trick
That's something long time ago
I've refused to participate
What do you think of me now
It's a mystery
I've thought I will gonna never find out
The beautiful criminal
Settle down all the treasure pearl inside me
There will be nothing fear me no more
Since I've got it, I've got it all my own