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The Winter Tree

Met a man with the answer to everything
Books and words from philsophers come
Analysed and he cut down a winter tree
To find the sun

Fell asleep, had a dream by the winter tree
Heard the snow fall and melt into spring
Saw the ice lose its hold
On the pale frost grass
To which it clings


Have you ever seen a better day
Though we follow many different ways
Though your mind may hold the winter time
Spring is never very far behind
In the summer under open skies
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We'll see the sunshine, shine on
Take it easy live today today
We'll see the sunshine, shine on

When i woke there i was by the winter tree
Nothing changed but a thought in the air
Seasons turn, take their days
And in time, i'll take mine
I'll go back there


Shine on
Take it easy live today today
We'll see the sunshine, shine on


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