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Big Scoob

作詞:Jr., Steward Duane Ashby, Aaron Dontez Yates

Big Scoob, that's my nigga rippin' it up
Put the hood up on my shoulders, man
I'm lifin it up, tip in my cup
Still a nigga givin' a fuck

You can get touched, pussy nigga spillin' them guts
Man they wanna see the boss don
I be stompin' on the hardest streets they walk on
Old nigga but my knuckle game is still on, it's still strong

You can test it nigga, watch me get my vill on, yeah
I ain't changed nigga, hungry for bread, left me for dead
Duckin' dodgin' shakin' the feds
What they missed nigga so I'm back searchin' for mine
Fresh off the grind

Still gutta sick with these rhymes, flippin' these lines
You can see the truth in my eyes, never no lies
Leven vill screamin' with pride
Till the day that they rest me, hog stylin'
Gutta livin' villain that's me
(Tell 'em who you talkin' 'bout)

The way I drink heavy when I party 'n shit
The way I disrespect a bitch and say sorry 'n shit
The way I make it switch it from red to dookie brown
Spot a curve and dope boss dogg and lay 'em down

On the roads and be no lost 'cause and wait around
Show them hoes there'll be no toss drawers till you pay the hound
The way I refrain from hangin' with simps
And never fuckin' with shrimp that ain't deveined
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The way I smash for the cash, the way I mash harder
Caught a broadcast on the blast with a last broader
Why I'm half martyr, the reason I take showers
'Cause I don't like sittin' in ma ass water

My reason for red chucks and red laces
My reason for fuckin' up and never catchin' fair cases
The way I go so hard on the liquor
Vill livin is a given and create it because of my nigga

Mayne I'm back and I'm hungry
Big homie from the show me niggas know me
Only villain take a yic and then I cloning
Real talk I can give it how you want it

I can put you niggas on that 5-6
Villain niggas movin' the crowd and I'm tryna make strange
Put some hog in they style, dogg and I'm wild
Vans left the bark on the ground, stompin' him out
Pussy nigga runnin' his mouth, but for now I'mma changed man

OG so I'm stickin' to the game plan
Takin' papers, makin' moves like a grown man
Vill steppin' in the seven first up for the field plan
And you can get it if you want it with me

Definitely, I can give you more than you need
Gutta livin' and I'm screamin' the V, wherever I be
That's how you niggas know that it's me


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