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Tech N9ne

I'm a Playa (radio version)

Man:1971 Aaron D. Yates was born
Woman:1985 Aaron wrote his first rhyme
Man:1988 Aaron adopts the name Tech N9ne
Woman:1990 Tech N9ne teams with producer Icy Roc Craven
Man:1997 Tech signs with Quest records
Woman: 1999 Tech is released from the label
Man: 2002 Tech and Strange Music teams with MSC Entertainment and records.

(Tech N9ne)
I'm a playa (*18X*)

I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
Oh oh oh I'm a playa
(Ya, Tecca Nina is a playa)

(Tech N9ne)
If you see me lookin' clean cut
Matchin' from head to toe dippin' with a mean strut
Throwin' and blowin' green stuff
Hella creamed up with the bling cuff
Ain't no wicked we can kick it if you blue or beamed up
If you see me step off in the clubber with some pros
With about six of em cut no longer waitin' to be chosen
If you hear me tell my homies anything goes
With these chickens dippin' to Davy's right when the clubber close
If you see me on the grind gettin' mine
If you bust in a room and find me hittin' yours from behind
If you hear me bustin' rhymes, rippin' each and every time
If I got it at capacity and you still got a line
If I'm rollin' on dubs, if it's K-town bud
If they showin' me love with a red rug at the club
If you see them haters givin' me mugs
Ladies givin' me hugs
Know it ain't no rocket science it's because

(Chorus) 2x
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
Oh oh oh I'm a playa
(Ya, Tecca Nina is a playa)

(Tech N9ne)
I'm a playa in every sense of the word ya heard
I'm gettin' money from these dummies flip your chick so absurd
I'm a playa and I pop collars
I'm a playa when I don't or when I drop dollars
Them rottweilers
She don't want no softie sayin he do when he don't
She don't want no perpetratin' nine-to-fiver tryin' to flaunt
She don't want no punk that can't get it crunk
No she don't
That's how it goes so my homie Calico, tell em what she want

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She want a playa not thugs on dubs
We be rollin' them 22's and 3's
Poppin' ludes and V's
I'm in hot pursuit of a prostitute
Calico knock boots gots lots to shoot
And I'm pullin' out the latex
And givin' it to who's next
I'm pullin', pull a brunette
With unforgettable sex
She's oohin' oohin' new sweat
And I ain't tellin' who's wet
And I ain't gettin' loose yet
So who's next
For group sex

(Chorus) 2x
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
Oh oh oh I'm a playa

(Tech N9ne)
(Listen closely, this is somethin' you might not know)
Never ever tell your love or else she'll get your love
Move in groups, no one on one when you hit the club
And you should know this if you call yourself a wicked thug
If you creep to the movies, throw away your ticket stub
If you sexin', learn this lesson when you wash off
Just use hot water, don't put no soap on your washcloth
That way when you get home
No questions, you won't leave her bent
Don't be a dope and use the soap cause it will leave a scent
Don't tell a number 2 that she's your one and only
Cuz if she knows we're easy to go her own way
If you takin' chickens to your secret home, hey
Always go the back way confuse em just take the long way
To all my ladies if you playin' throw your hands up
To all my fellas if you playin' throw your grands up
This is forever baby havin' clever thangs
I'm a playa mothafucka and I bet I never change

(Chorus) 4x
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa
Oh oh oh I'm a playa
(Ya, Tecca Nina is a playa)

(Chorus) Slowly
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
(I'm a playa!)
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
(No stoppin me!)
I'm a playa, I'm a playa
I'm a playa!


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