Make Waves (Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Tyler Lyon) 歌詞 Tech N9ne ※
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Tech N9ne


Tech N9ne

Make Waves (Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Tyler Lyon)

(feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Tyler Lyon)

[Intro - Tech N9ne:]
What we gonna do?
Suit up, boot up, let's go!

[Hook - Tyler Lyon:]
Make way
I'm coming through you (I'm coming through you)
There's nothing you can do (You can do)
It's my day, make waves
We crash into you (crash into you)
Your end is coming soon (coming soon)
I'm your base, so make waves

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
Yeah, ain't nobody ever seen a beast
I'm a catch a career but it's been the least
Follow was a very little, I mean petite
I'mma pull the carpet from under you
How it even started ya wonder who
I'mma show ya what rain and thunder do
Hope ya really ready when it come for you
Not a human or a alien on the planet that can do it
Like I do it you put a mountain in front of me I go through it
I pursue it, danger
Never stoppin' the mangler
Nina tough with them wranglers
Give me lip I'mma bang ya
Never benevolent you wasn't ever the relevant
You thinkin' you 'bout to be but you are outta ya element
Bringin the hella win then came back in hella mint
Condition or to see my new wicked development
Never let up, ya never get up
It'll never be another competitor better than us
I been on it ya runnin' late the way Letterman does
You thinkin' you reaching' a level that's clever than what
I'mma gain it you don't get the picture then I'mma paint it
With the pain I came insane the Nina language
Thinkin' you gonna be up when I have to bring this anguish
Ain't no question I am truly the strangest!
I gotta shake it up for a minute
Tecca Nina got the greater percentage
And when I enter whatever I gotta win it
Try to get me in the corner ya finished
A lotta people defeated when I diminish
When I hit you need a hell of a dentist
I got the punch and the power that's intricate
Got you thinkin', 'how did you get off into this?'


[Verse 2 - Krizz Kaliko:]
If life's a beach, can we go surfin'
It never been easy for me besides the birthday
And people they eat, the words I'm servin'
Then we can all feast, on what we think is deservin'
I'm a heart-breaker, wave-maker
And I'mma take a leap nothin' round the Kali baby
Been a ball-breaker, gate-maker
And I can stop and out ya mouth if ya gettin' lazy
I'm a typhoon tsunami, any whatever what just to get the salami
Try to be quick or we're quick to get ya behind me
I could belligerent nuttin', nothin' could calm me
I'mma take the wheel, bust ya grill
If it's an emergency bust a seal
You can see I make the mill, yes I will
Cause I got the skill to yield, plus the will
Put ya lights out, the fight's out
The mic is my knife and device and ya iced out
Pull my windpipe out, that or the thing of a singer
I'mma rip it though they might shout
Cause I'm a sore loser
If I'm defeated and heated, better be headed right for the door
And I'm a born bruiser
When ya get beated and seated, then I'll be ready to give you more
I can keep goin' and never stop
Easy as breathin' to me and if you don't believe me
Pay me attention until I pop
Eager to eat 'em and never need a reason whether
You better pick em up when they drop
Singin' I'm leavin' the speed is unbelievable
That you better never give them a shot
I don't know how to behave, just know how to (make waves)


[Verse 3 - Rittz:]
Yeah, you seen me make waves, when I became Strange
And dominated but you ain't never gave praise
You be talkin' shit on Instagram inside a safe place
When I see you and confront you then you try to save face
And vacate, okay kid, I'm about to go grade A
There's no name sake but won't gain fans
They got my name and nuts hangin' so low they scraped
I'm still hungry, it's like I'm stuck in the 08 state of mind
My mom is so space aged, and don't get it
Told critics, go stick it, don't get yo dome split
Yo whole shit'll look like Riddick Bowe hit it
Oh shit his bone's stickin' out I think it's broken
Now go freakin' dial 911, homie I run run
My city we don't play that kiddie shit where I come from
You high dum dum? You really think you fight on one?
You wanna take my strange chain and my nine gun drum
A future icon son, you just a ho ass bitch
You go ass kiss anybody the blow as is
You try to be somethin' you're not my shit is dope as is
You got some dope ad-libs and that's sick as shit
It's so average, we ain't similar, homie check ya temperature
You fuck with me and you will need a medical examiner
Put hands on rappers ramblin', put handles on ya manager
They said I'm from Atlanta, damn it I am not from Canada
I came in the game and I represented
Jonny Valiant in this bitch there's no mystery
They'll be killin' it, keepin' it independent
Tecca Nina is the leader given me the check
I hate it now say no more I'ma get 'em
Well Kali baby they be crazy
They charming, they just admire the cycle that I invented
My sophomore album 'bout to come out any minute
I'm about to make waves
Yuh-uh-yeah, motherfucker