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Tech N9ne


Tech N9ne

Move (Acapella Remix)

When I say 'muevete' everybody best to do it movin'
Better do what nueve sayin', in the party Tech the fool is rulin'
And I never gotta read her paws
To gimme the panties and know I need her bra
And the haters wanna trip but they really better dip
When I'm yellin' out, 'Liebt er ta!'
When I'm off on a ham-a-mission
Man I'm crammed with ammunition
You be lookin' at the camera glistenin'
Damn his frickin' fam is missin'
I don't wanna be the killer but the suckas are
Makin' me wanna pick it up and squirt 'em
Beginners are sent to his vertical limit
Murder your menace the N9na gets surgical with it
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If you trippin' chump you need to stop … while the N9na pop
Bein' me the boss is 'bout to bring the block … for the greener guap
They know that this man is gritty
Ya raps hella weak now and it's kitty
Tech with the beast flow and it's spitting
Comin' straight from the Midwest Kansas City
Dickin' it with the homie MIMS
Who be the best it's only them
Kickin' the hell out ya chronie nim
With Louie V monogram on the Tims
I don't neva give a damn about a hater but I gotta know what you gon' do
Talkin' all that woop-de-wop you niggas make a move if you want to!