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Stephanie Smith


Stephanie Smith

Little Bit Scared

Little Bit Scared
Every time that I, thought I fell in love
I'd land a little bit harder
And with each bruise on this broken heart
I'd grow a little bit smarter
And I'd run, I'd hide
So I could not be hurt twice
Then you walk into my life
And I don't know how or why
I'm not running

I thought I was a little bit stronger
I thought I could hide this a little bit longer
But what I feel is just too real and I'm
A little bit scared

Never felt this way, like I'm okay
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Just the way I am
Then you smile at me, I finally see
Just what makes a man, yeah
But I'm still uncertain
So I'll just keep quiet, I'll try to fight it
For as long as I can
Then you look right through me
And I'm changing all my plans
There I go again. (Chorus)

Letting you know how I feel
Means letting go of all my fear
And if you8 take my heart
you might break my heart
but this time it might be worth it (Chorus)