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Ace Hood


Ace Hood

4 Minute

I've been gettin' money for a minute
Askin' me a lot where I been
But I been gettin' money for a minute

Uh, see, I been gettin' money for a minute
Rain, sleet or snow, I go and get it
Uh, see, I been gettin' money for a minute
And they ain't got to talk it, boy, I live it

And now I'm gettin' money like never before
They don't want to see me ball out of control
Married to the money, I had to propose
Niggas, they ain't know me, expect me to fold

But I been gettin' money, uh, see, I been gettin' money
Uh, see, I been gettin' money
See, cause I've been gettin' money
Tell me, tell me where you been, nigga

Work out a pulse at the corner store, still got my jewelry on
They got that okey-doke, move that dope out to Mexico
Young nigga tweakin', young nigga tweakin'
Hit after hit, but tell me why these niggas sleepin'
So where you been? I been gettin' money
I been fuckin' bitches, rollin' Swishers, gettin' blunted
Please don't make me pull out the coupe
And go 'head and pull out the Chevy
Sixty bands on the bezel, I made a mil' out the settee
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I did a lot for you niggas, who the fuck told you to hustle hard?
Uh, who the fuck gave you 'Bugatti', nigga?
Uh, hottest flow, I'm not bein' modest, nigga, no
Ask a nigga where he been, I been gettin' money
And ever since I got it, niggas, they been actin' funny
But I ain't even trippin', no, I ain't even trippin'
And I just bought a Roley, dog, and I can't waste a minute, no

Okay, you broke niggas counterfeit and we just the opposite
I'm way overconfident, all these cheques I'm depositin'
Made a young nigga greedy, young nigga greedy
I bought the world and every thing in it, I'm needy
Now, where you been? I've been in the gym
I done got my weight up just in case they do a tenth
Please don't think it's sweet like some sugar
I put that boy undercover
He woke up in a hospital, heard the voice of his mother
I tried to tell him, but they ain't listen
I'm in that Bobby, Johnny Gill, that new edition
Countin' up dollar after dollar, so repetitious
This bitch I'm wit', her head so good, I paid her whole tuition
I'm trippin', askin' where I been, I been gettin' money
And ever since I got it, niggas, they been actin' funny
But I ain't even trippin', no, I ain't even trippin'
I just left overseas and made another half-a-million, nigga


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