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Dionne Warwick


Dionne Warwick

My Everlasting Love

I'm so in love, that I still can't believe it.
Even as I see you now.
Falling in love from the moment I saw you
Never even thought I knew how.

Suddenly I turned around.
And what do you think I found?
Deep in my soul, burning out of control
was my everlasting love for you.

I was adrift with no sense of direction,
couldn't find my way back home.
Aching I'm lost and in need of affection,
scared I'd always be alone.

Suddenly I turned around.
And what do you think I found?
Deep in my soul, burning out of control
was my everlasting love for you.
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Arms gently hold me, soon and infold me.
All of my defenses fade away¡away.

See how the moon slowly sinks in the ocean,
darkness giving into day.
You came along like the sun to guide me,
helping me to find my way.

Suddenly I turned around,
And what do you think I found?
That deep in my soul, burning out of control
was my everlasting love for you.
Was my everlasting love for you.

It was
My everlasting love for you.


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