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Come See What I Have Done

Loaded gun why don't you come up here and see what I have done?
And I shall prove myself to thee
When I was young my mama said
'Son don't you fall in love with the first one that you see'

But I was always one to run outside and nod my head
Without having heard a word that the woman said
Now I'm crying toward the termites in my floor
Now I'm sighing toward the moonlight in my drawer

'Cause I found a bottle in my dresser yes sir it was cruel to me
Now there's a woman in my yester I confess that the fool was me
She tried to leave and since I let her lesser I have proved to be
Now I've tattooed the words 'forget her' where my feathers used to be
Because my wings were never of too much use to me

Loaded gun some ol' strange things you have done
Could you even prove yourself to me?
You've taken good ones and a couple bad ones with good names
There ain't a lesson or a medicine that is free
Except for the water none but the water
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So why not the water with her silver hair and cane?
Why not the whisky with his ancient and wry charm?
Why not the time that told the water when to drain?
Why not the needle shining in my neighbor's arm?

Why not the way the whole world waltzes
When she's dolled up blue and green?
Drunk in the astral ballroom how we spin so stupidly
Wish I could stay afloat in one place and never have to move my feet
To see that girl again just one day that way she would move to me
And she'd say 'Sorry' and I'd say 'Yea I'm sorry'
And she'd say 'Yea how sorry?' and I'd say 'Hardly'

'Cause these things are never of too much use to me
No these things are never of too much use to me
And though lesser I confess I have proved I believe
That lesser I would ever choose to be
Then to deal with all those things you do to me