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Reisa L. Gerber


Reisa L. Gerber

Five Rings around Saturn

There are five rings around Saturn
Mars the color red,
So many women he did love,
A helping of his daily bread...
Mercury, the silver tip,
An Earthquake rocks L.A.,
And the day is shadowed by the doubt
But little boys will play....
turn around
turn around
take me home again...
crackatoa, east of java,
sister honey, be my friend.
Blown up out of kilter,
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Make 's-h-I-t' out of the cursed
An old Victorian ethic,
The work of Copernicus...
but everyone's a hero
it's 'wow' to every crowd,
slimassed beauty walks the runway,
lay your money down....
And finally, the kinfolk,
Together we are here,
Saturn and her five sweet rings of fire
Have appeared.