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Falling Sickness


Falling Sickness

Gonna Try

作詞:James Brown

What is there to do?
I'm sick and fucking
Tired of sitting on my ass
Staring at the headlines
Watching the world go by
I gotta find a way

To make it all make sense
I gotta find the reason
I gotta find out why
Why I'm so fucked up

Life can be a pointless
Fucking mess sometimes
I can't help but wonder why
What's the goddamn point of trying

To do anything at all
You tell me
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Things'll be better tomorrow
I have my fucking doubts, oh yeah

But I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try
It's my only chance to escape it

Why can't people see
That life is too short
To be wasted on a lost
'Cause Humanity is stupid

People can't see that
We're destroying ourselves
I gotta find a way
To make it all make sense

I'm gonna find the reason
I'm gonna find out why
Why we're so fucked up