Open Up Your Mouth 歌詞 Brave Bird ※
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Brave Bird


Brave Bird

Open Up Your Mouth

If you don't look down the ground comes up to swallow you whole.
But you know where to go it's not the place but the people that make the home.
Open up your mouth it's the pill you never wanted to go down.
It's too tough to swallow the way your father meant for you to go.

Everyone that you love is hoping you can find your way home,
But you know where you are this house is going down in billowing smoke.
Open up your mouth your body thanks your lungs for the support
It's too hard to swallow the smoke you choke down I'm saying something gold.

Open up your mouth it's the words you never thought would come out.
All the things that you swallow are nothing but a reason to stay home.
I don't wanna grow old I don't wanna die but there's nowhere else to go.
Get a reason to follow, you are giving in, I'll follow you home.