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Micah McCaw


Micah McCaw

Intro. To Consciousness 101

you're doing what you're told every Kid should do
you own a collegiate sweater and live in a dorm room too
and though it's good for many it's just not for you
but you've let others convince you that's not True

he passed the bar and wore all the right Rings
but Truth be told he's just living out his daddy's dreams
he put down the Guitar when he was 18
and now the figure in the mirror makes him scream

you're Hypnotized
got glazed over Eyes
believing the lies
you're Infiltrated, Indoctrinated, Enculterated
you're a zombie i'm a zombie
we simply let others suck out our Souls
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have we even really given Life a shot
or are we walking around empty as our bodies rot

the Clock is ticking and the Alarm has sounded
but we don't stand up and Fight we just stay grounded
i urge you to put down the Book and Consider This
not everyone is Meant To Live in their office
a floating shadow in your bedroom
water under the bridge becoming a tomb
We Sell Our Souls At The Cost Of money
but Our Land still isn't flowing with Milk and Honey
if your not doing what you love Go Fire Yourself!
Don't be another Unread Book Upon the Shelf