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Jensen and The Flips


Jensen and The Flips

Dangerous (Ain't Tellin' No One)

We started making plans
Taking chances with our hands
Telling ourselves that's it's just the way
We have to understand it. I ain't telling no one
That we just did some

This is a backseat story I know that we ain't sorry
Ain't sorry with all the windows bathing
And both of our hearts are racing

Looking at you staring at me,
Telling myself that I ain't falling.
What should I do? What should I say?
You making me feel that its something.
I want, we want it, just take it. Don't fake it.
Ohh we move a little dangerous tonight.
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Oh oh woah woah.
Come a little bit closer babe
Imma let you rough me up babe
Kiss me just a little bit more
Don't worry I ain't tellin' no one

As I watch the stars fade out from those eyes
And the sun comes up in the sky
It's been a while since we've been here
Time to put our clothes back on dear
We know there ain't no chance
Of we be doin it again