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New World

The river moves in ripples
As the breeze is springing up
The gold dust of a sunset
Is enough to fill their hearts
The lone sea, like a whispering
Tells them lullabies at night
And guides them through the darkness
'till they see the morning light
On their skin
The heat of sunbeams kills the pain
And they feel
A new life could be born again
In three long weeks with Reika
Isaac learned the natives' tongue
But what he feels now is far beyond
The speech, you know, love can't be wrong
Fragile like a flower
She can laugh and she can cry
Love has such a power
Isaac could not resist, he won't even try

Isaac & Reika: 'On our skin
The heat of sunbeams kills the pain And we feel
A new life could be born again
On this NEW WORLD'
Free as their sensations
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They found the simple truth
Love, the great temptation
Broke out in their bursting youth
For the first time in their whole being
They weren't on the run
No nuclear fire nor Crimson kings
Just pounding hearts, as they were one
Rousing passions they forgot
They choose their path allowed or not
Miracle of life, miracle of love
Do you believe in miracles?
Reika: 'Isaac, you have to promise me a thing'
Isaac: 'Just tell me'
Reika: 'Give me your word you will never leave Auria Village'
Isaac: 'What?! ... Why?'
Reika: 'Auria Village is the last hideaway... HE doesn't know where the village is. Out of
here there's a terrible danger... in this world there's more than what meets the eye'
Isaac: 'I don't understand, Reika...'
Reika: 'Just give me your word, please!'
Isaac: 'I... ok, you have my word.'
...and he broke the promise that very night. He had to accomplish his mission: he had to
know whether that planet was the right place for the survivors of the Earth, who were
struggling to survive waiting for his next message. Covered by the darkness of the night,
he left the village. What he found out there, he would have never, never, never forgotten.