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The Cyan Velvet Project


The Cyan Velvet Project

City of White Lilies

Countless nights of
Eavesdropping on the house of god
The real world of numbers
- a distant memory
The endless miles that
I have not walked don't seem much
Now I'm in love with someone else's dream
And meaningless are
The places I have never seen before

I want you to bury me
In the city of white lilies
Strange how familiar
This place seems to be...
Bury me
In the city of white lilies
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Take everything and bury me
Don't spare me
They say you're a stream
From understanding to will
But if you won't understand
Who will?
Take everything, leave me
Nothing to share with others
I don't care I don't care
'cause it feels like I've been here before
'cause it feels like in here I belong
Refrain (2x)
Bury me, bury me
Don't spare me