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Hot Tuna【 共收藏 23 張專輯, 182 首歌 】
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The Phosphorescent Rat 英文
1.Corners Without Exits
2.I See the Light
3.Easy Now
4.Letter to the North Star
5.In the Kingdom
6.Living Just for You
7.Day to Day Out the Window Blues
8.Seeweed Strut (提供)
9.Soliloquy for 2 (提供)
10.Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From? (提供)
Burgers 英文
1.Ode for Billy Dean
2.Keep on Truckin'
3.True Religion
4.99 Year Blues
5.Sea Child
6.Highway Song (提供)
7.Water Song (提供)
8.Let Us Get Together Right Down Here (提供)
9.Sunny Day Strut (提供)
The Best Of Hot Tuna 英文
1.Genesis - Live Version
2.Hot Jelly Roll Blues
3.Watch the North Wind Rise
4.Song From the Stainless Cymbal
5.Know You Rider
6.Ode for Billy Dean
7.Living Just for You
8.Rock Me Baby
Steady As She Goes 英文
1.Angel Of Darkness
2.Children Of Zion
3.If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back (提供)
4.Second Chances (提供)
5.Things That Might Have Been (提供)
6.Goodbye To The Blues (提供)
7.A Little Faster (提供)
8.Mourning Interrupted (提供)
9.Easy Now Revisited (提供)
10.Smokerise Journey (提供)
11.Mama Let Me Lay It On You (提供)
12.Vicksburg Stomp (提供)
Setlist: The Very Best of Hot Tuna LIVE 英文
1.Watch The North Wind Rise - Live Version
2.Winin' Boy Blues - Live Version
3.Funky #7 - Live Version
4.I See The Light - Live Version
5.How Long Blues - Live
Platinum & Gold Collection 英文
1.Hesitation Blues - Remastered - February 1988
2.Sea Child
3.Hit Single # 1
4.Funky # 7
5.Come Back Baby
Original Album Classics 英文
1.I See the Light - Remastered 1998
3.How Long Blues - Live
4.Living Just for You - Remastered 1998
5.In the Kingdom - Remastered 1998
6.Corners Without Exits - Remastered 1998
7.Easy Now - Remastered 1998
8.Letter to the North Star - Remastered 1998
9.Come Back Baby
Live At Sweetwater 英文
1.Whinin' Boy Blues (Live) (提供)
2.I Know You Rider (Live)
4.I See the Light
5.Embryonic Journey
6.Whinin' Boy Blues (提供)
7.Genesis (Live)
8.I See the Light (Live)
9.True Religion (Live)
10.I Know You Rider
Live At Sweetwater Two 英文
1.99 Year Blues (Live)
2.Walkin' Blues (Live)
3.Parchman Farm (Live)
Live At Sweetwater (Live Version) 英文
1.I Know You Rider - Live Version
2.Embryonic Journey - Live Version
3.Been So Long - Live Version
Hot Tuna: Live 英文
1.How Long Blues - Remastered - February 1988
2.Uncle Sam Blues - Remastered - February 1988
3.Don't You Leave Me Here - Remastered - February 1988
4.Death Don't Have No Mercy - Remastered - February 1988
5.Know You Rider - Remastered - February 1988
6.Oh Lord, Search My Heart - Remastered - February 1988
7.Winin' Boy Blues - Remastered - February 1988
Hot Tuna 英文
1.Mann's Fate (提供)
Hot Tuna (Live) [2012-03-15 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH] 英文
1.Whining Boy Blues (Live)
2.I Know You Rider (Live)
3.Come Back Baby (Live)
Double Dose 英文
1.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning - Live Version
2.Talking 'Bout You - Live Version
3.Serpent of Dreams - Live Version
4.I Can't Be Satisfied - Live Version
5.Talking 'Bout You (提供)
6.Embryonic Journey
Double Dose (Live) 英文
1.Talking 'Bout You (Live) (提供)
2.Funky #7 (Live)
3.Serpent of Dreams (Live)
4.Watch the North Wind Rise (Live)
5.I Can't Be Satisfied (Live)
2015-11-20 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY (Live) 英文
1.Hesitation Blues - Set 1 (Live)
2.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning - Set 2 (Live)
3.Rock Me Baby - Set 2 (Live)
4.99 Year Blues - Set 1 (Live)
5.In the Kingdom - Set 1 (Live)
6.Ode for Billy Dean - Set 1 (Live)
7.I Can't Be Satisfied - Set 1 (Live)
8.Watch the North Wind Rise - Set 1 (Live)
9.Serpent of Dreams - Set 1 (Live)
10.Death Don't Have No Mercy - Set 1 (Live)
11.Come Back Baby - Set 1 (Live)
12.Funky #7 - Set 2 (Live)
2013-03-09 Breezes Grand Resort , Negril, Jamaica & 2002-12-31 the Arena in Oakland, Oakland, Ca (Live) 英文
1.Been so Long - 2013-03-09 (Live)
2.Candy Man (Live On 2013-03-09) (提供)
3.Uncle Sam Blues (Live On 2013-03-09)
4.Death Don't Have No Mercy (Live On 2013-03-09) (提供)
5.Keep on Truckin' (Live On 2013-03-09)
6.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (Live On 2013-03-09) (提供)
7.New Song for the Morning (Live On 2002-12-31)
8.I See the Light (Live On 2002-12-31)
9.Serpent of Dreams (Live On 2002-12-31)
10.Embryonic Journey (Live On 2002-12-31)
11.I Am the Light of This World - 2002-12-31 (Live)
12.Candy Man - 2013-03-09 (Live)
13.Death Don't Have No Mercy - 2013-03-09 (Live)
14.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning - 2013-03-09 (Live)
15.I Am the Light of This World (Live On 2002-12-31) (提供)
2013-03-08 breezes Grand Resort, Negril, Jamaica & 1996-07-10 Great Woods Performing Arts Center, Mansfield, Ma 英文
1.Serpent of Dreams - 2013-03-08 (Live)
2.How Long Blues - 2013-03-08 (Live)
3.I Know You Rider - 2013-03-08 (Live)
4.Walkin' Blues - 1996-07-10 (Live)
5.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning - 1996-07-10 (Live)
6.99 Year Blues - 1996-07-10 (Live)
2013-03-07 Breezes Grand Resort, Negril, Jamaica & 1996-06-29 Alpine Valley Music Center, East Troy, Wi (Live) 英文
1.I See the Light - 2013-03-07 (Live)
2.Genesis - 2013-03-07 (Live)
3.Angel of Darkness - 2013-03-07 (Live)
4.Come Back Baby - 2013-03-07 (Live)
5.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning - 1996-06-29 (Live)
6.99 Year Blues - 1996-06-29 (Live)
7.Embryonic Journey - 1996-06-29 (Live)
8.Ode for Billy Dean - 1996-06-29 (Live)
9.Baby What You Want Me to Do - 1996-06-29 (Live)
2011-07-15 & 2015-07-19 Great South Bay Festival, Patchoque, NY (Live) 英文
1.Been so Long - 2011 - Live
2.Come Back Baby - 2015 - Live
3.Ode for Billy Dean - 2015 - Live
4.Hesitation Blues - 2015 - Live
5.I See the Light - 2015 - Live
6.True Religion - 2015 - Live
7.Goodbye to the Blues - 2011 - Live
8.Rock Me Baby - 2011 - Live
9.Death Don't Have No Mercy - 2011 - Live
10.Funky #7 - 2015 - Live
2005-06-05 Mcnear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, Ca (Live) 英文
1.In the Kingdom (Live)
2.Encore: Baby What You Want Me to Do (Live)
3.Rock Me Baby (Live)
4.How Long Blues (Live)
2004-11-30 the Opera House, Boothbay Harbor, ME (Live) 英文
1.Corners Without Exits (Live)
2.Rock Me Baby (Live)
3.Day to Day out the Window Blues (Live)
4.Living Just for You (Live)
5.Hot Jelly Roll Blues (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Eve of Destruction
2.Hesitation Blues
3.Search My Heart (Live)
4.Sleep Song
5.Babe, I Want You to Know (Live)
6.Rock Me Baby (Previously Unreleased)
7.I Don't Wanna Go
8.Day to Day Without the Window Blues
9.Uncle Sam Blues
10.New Song (For The Morning)
11.New Song (For The Morning) [Live]
12.Uncle Sam Blues [Live]
13.How Long Blues [Live]
14.Hesitation Blues [Live]
15.Want You to Know
16.Sea Child (Live)
17.Serpent of Dreams
18.Been So Long
19.Candy Man
20.Oh Lord, Search My Heart
21.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
22.Whining Boy Blues
23.I'll Be All Right Someday - Set 1 (Live)
24.Winin' Boy Blues - Encore (Live)
25.Baby What You Want Me to Do - Encore (Live)

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