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Hot Tuna


Hot Tuna

New Song (For The Morning) [Live]

作詞:J Kaukonen

Looked outside my window, fog came up to play
That gray outside is around my head
Looks like it's there to stay, looks like it's there to stay
Looks like it's there to stay

Can't you see I love you, I want you more and more
I see you here most every day, I don't know where you are
I don't know where you are

Time goes on and I get older, what am I gonna do?
My mirror face keeps getting colder
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My eyes still look for you, my eyes still look for you
Now, said my eyes still look for you

Sun came out this mornin', highway showed my way
Cracks in the sand pulled me into the sea
Washed my cares away, washed my cares away
Washed my cares away

You know I want to touch you, my back end gives me pain
Your smile releases all my life like flowers under rain
Like flowers under rain, we start to live again


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