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Robin Trower


Robin Trower

Hold Me (2010 Remaster)

I'm down on my love
I'm depending on you
I'm counting on your love
to help me see it through

why dont you hold me
honey wont you hold me

I've tried other loves
but they never seemed enough
why dont you come on over mama
and do your stuff

cum on and hold me
honey wont you hold me

some get smooth and some get rough
some get it all and it still aint enough
some gotta rise and some gotta fall
and baby, dont you know that aint all

I'd give you the world
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and you know I'd give the moon
if you give me what's mine
and you better make it soon

hold me,
honey wont you hold me

you dont have to worry
and you'll never have to cry
And I won't have to feed you
with the same old cheating lies

hold me,
honey wont you hold me

some get low and some get high
some gotta walk and some get to fly
the old get old and lose desire
but baby, baby dont you know that aint all


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